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Salon Experience Academy

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Good hair skills are great, but great people skills are BETTER.

80% of what you do behind the chair has NOTHING to do with your hair skills and everything to do with your people skills... making you the stylist that clients line up to see.

Hairstylists... I see you.

You are:

  • Stuck on that endless hunt for more clients, feeling drained and spread too thin.

  • Worn out from bending over backwards, tweaking prices & charging everyone differently.

  • Overwhelmed by the constant demands and trying to make everyone happy. 

  • Fed up with feeling pushed around or taken for granted, struggling to see the rewards of your hard work.

  • Tired of sacrificing personal time and missing out on life outside the salon.

  • Battling the anxiety that comes with new clients or tough situations.

You're trying SO HARD to be successful as a stylist, but the real secret is actually so simple...

And I am practically GIVING this away because I want you to freaking crush it behind the chair!


How much more of your precious time are you going to waste on things that don't make you more money?

...or don't lower your stress. We’ll cover it all and walk you through step-by-step.


Salon Experience Academy

It's literally about 'working' people. This is the only course out there designed to empower you with the right tools to properly (and carefully) manipulate your clients...

You'll get out of your head and step into a very powerful position that will allow you to build a big ol' clientele and business you will be proud of. You’ll learn how to:

  • Accept your power, influence and impact and use it for good.
  • Dial in EXACTLY who you want to attract in your business like a magnet
  • Design a business that serves YOU, while still making your clients feel seen, valued & heard... 

You'll make changes that will immediately and radically affect your business and your life. And for the price of a few tubes of color (thank you inflation), you cannot afford to pass this up. 

What's Included In The Academy...


The Empowered Stylist Mindset

Your mindset is the foundation of your career stability. So we'll shake yours up and help you recognize your true value, purpose, and impact, including:

  • The Power of Hair: What it is and how to leverage it in your business.
  • What is holding you back, and how to move past it.
  • How to set yourself up for success and embrace growth 🌱 

You’ll finish this course with a complete mindset shift on what makes you valuable as stylist and how to achieve your big pie-in-the-sky goals.


Discovering Your Ideal Client

With your mindset on-point, the next step is unearth who you are targeting with your crafty new skills... In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what your role is in your business, and how to use that to your advantage
  • What it means to have a 'client-centric' business (while still serving YOU).
  • Exactly who your ideal client is, so that your services and marketing speak to their soul. 

You’ll finish this course with a very clear ideal client goal and a plan to make them flock to you like a magnet.


The 7 Secret Skills that Make You Magnetic

The secret to building a sustainable clientele is to actually stop focusing on your hair skills. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 Secret 'Salon Soft Skills' that turn you into a powerhouse of a stylist.
  • Real-world examples of how and when to use these skills. 
  • The best strategies for maintaining the power dynamic in your favor behind the chair.

You’ll finish this course with your well-rounded understanding of how to 'work' your clients to help them feel seen, valued and heard... while also increasing your joy.


Mastering & Manifesting Your Success

This is where the magic happens. Now that you've got the right mindset and the right tools, we set up a system for success. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to make small changes that will have HUGE impacts in your life.
  • The best way to leverage your energy to create the business you dream of.
  • How to create your unique salon experience that will speak to the heart of your ideal client.

You’ll finish this course with framework for attracting, capturing and maintaining clients relationships that fill your cup and your wallet!

This Academy Is For You If...

  • You suffer from overpromising and underdelivering
  • Imposter Syndrome has you in a chokehold
  • You worry that your clients would ghost you if you raise your prices
  • You feel guilty taking time off or saying 'no' to clients
  • You're emotionally and physically exhausted from work
  • You struggle with the right words or phrases to demand the respect you deserve
  • You are sick and tired of feeling stressed out by a career that is supposed to be fun.

I'm Crystal Green

AKA: Your Hair Mentor

My own journey in this industry started as a fun creative outlet while I searched for my "true calling." Little did I know, I was already holding onto my Golden ticket!

Like you, I've struggled with the same challenges – from satisfying difficult clients to craving respect and recognition. My turning point was realizing that success in our industry isn't just about the art of hair; it's about working smarter, and specifically working people. This revelation led me to create what I lovingly call 'Salon Soft Skills' – the stuff that really sets us apart and helps us THRIVE.

And as for me? I discovered a deeper professional fulfillment, more money than I ever thought possible as a stylist, and built 3 thriving businesses founded on genuine connections.

Now, I am passionate about sharing this golden ticket with you. My mission is to help you become the badass entrepreneur you were meant to be, taking charge of your business behind the chair in a way that truly serves you.

If you're ready to elevate your career to a place where passion meets purpose and profitability, then let's do the dang thang!

Salon Experience Academy


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Salon Experience Academy

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