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I was going to be a dentist...


I was not one of the starstruck "always wanted to be a hairstylist" types (although my barbies would disagree).

Nope. Not me. 

I was more of a dreamer, and always knew I was going to have a big impact in this world. When I was my daughter's age, I actually wanted to be a dentist and thought that was my path.

I thank my lucky stars I stumbled into hairdressing because this industry means so much to me (and my family). 💫 


But it wasn't until I moved to the third state and quickly rebuilt my salon biz for the third time that I realized my true calling...

My journey in the beauty industry has been anything but ordinary. Like many of you, I started with a passion for transforming looks and lives from behind the chair.

However, as my skills grew, so did my ambitions. I realized early on that my success was not solely due to my ability to do hair but also my knack for connecting with people and understanding the pulse of my community.

These skills, which seemed second nature to me, turned out to be my superpower—ones not everyone has but can definitely learn. This revelation sparked a new purpose in my life: to empower hairstylists like you to see beyond the daily grind and explore the full spectrum of your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

What began as a single book... evolved into a podcast, then courses, speaking events, and now a thriving membership community.

Each step of my journey has been about expanding the boundaries of what we, as stylists, can achieve. (Spoiler alert: It's A LOT). 

Today, I am dedicated to making sure that your future, and that of the next generation of stylists—including my daughter—is filled with respect, wealth, and abundance. 

I do that by sharing the core principles and exact steps I took to build my businesses behind, and beyond, the chair. 

Cheers to a life full of joy, great hair and crafting a career that loves you back as much as you love it!

Yours in Style,

Crystal Green

Sometimes you need more. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to me by emailing me at:

[email protected]