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This resource is designed to:

Save Time

Help you save time by streamlining your consultation process and preventing fixes and re-dos.

Reduce Errors

Learn strategies to minimize mistakes and misunderstandings in your consultations.

Increase Efficiency

Boost your overall efficiency by mastering the consultation process in your business behind the chair.

*Efficient Consultation Formula*

Stop offering clunky and ineffective consultations that leave you guessing and your clients unsatisfied. 

With this mini-course, you'll quickly transform every consult into a strategic conversation and you will:

  • Master the Method: Learn a proven formula to optimize every consultation.
  • Boost Client Satisfaction: Understand & deliver EXACTLY what you and your clients decide on.
  • Increase Efficiency: Save time & energy while maximizing results.

There's never been a quicker or easier way to master your consultations. Your clients will notice the difference.



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  • Streamlined Strategy
  • Time Management¬†
  • Boosted Confidence
  • Increase Client Happiness
  • Reduce Misunderstandings

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You're working behind the chair & you feel like something is missing...

And you're probably right.

Because if you haven't figured out the secret to leveraging your time for money wisely, you're probably still struggling with exhausting days, tackling tough clients and yearning for more time to do the things you love. 

I feel ya. I was there. My epiphany?

I shifted my perspective and tactics to a more 'client-centric' position and applied some basic principles to my salon business that earned me oodles of money, respect and more fulfillment in my career than I ever expected.

This is what led to publishing my book, starting my popular podcast and launching my online business. But this process took me 23 years behind the chair, 4 years behind the computer and multiple failures to get it right!

And now I'm here to help you avoid these missteps and guide you through your own transformation in just weeks, not years.

I'll equip you with the skills you need to get started, succeed, stand out in a crowded market and take charge of your business behind the chair in a way that serves you. 

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