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Beauty Pros! Are you ready to build a dynamic brand BEYOND the chair in just weeks, not years?

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We often fail in our businesses for one of these six reasons.

You can easily avoid these:


  • A missing or messy value statement that confuses potential clients.
  • Marketing and networking that doesn‚Äôt bring you ideal customers.
  • Offering services or products that are confusing or not as popular as they could be.
  • Leaving thousands of dollars on the table with no real sales strategy.¬†
  • Lack of planning for the client experience and customer journey.¬†
  • The constant threat you are going to run out of cash.
These six issues are the root cause of most beauty biz disasters. Coaching will help you professionalize your brand so your small business grows. 
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Let me help take you from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur... 

To put it simply... I'll help you go from dreaming to doing.  

When we apply your current skills and talents with some clever marketing and branding strategies... you become more profitable, irresistible and absolutely unstoppable. 

How much more of your precious life are you going to spend trading time for money? Let's leverage your expertise behind the chair to help you make money while you sleep!


1:1 Coaching

The most hands-on option for when you need someone to guide you every step of the way.


This is a guided membership with LIVE Q&A sessions and built for you plans.


Work at your own speed on your own time. Videos, workbooks and plug-and-play systems


In-person and virtual workshops will be posted and invites sent out via email

"Learning from Crystal is like learning from your best friend. Her lessons are easy to follow, fun to watch and overall super informative"

-Niki from Reno NV

You're working behind the chair and you feel like something is missing...

And you're probably right. Because if you haven't figured out the secret to leveraging your time for money wisely, you're probably still struggling with exhausting days, tackling tough clients and yearning for more time to do the things you love. 

I feel ya. I was there. My epiphany? I could take the same basic principles I applied in my thriving salons to build a virtual business that would bring me time and location freedom (the two things we never have as stylists).

This is what led to publishing my book, starting my popular podcast and launching my online business. But this process took me 23 years behind the chair, 4 years behind the computer and multiple failures to get it right!

And now I'm here to help you avoid these missteps and guide you through your transformation in just weeks, not years. I'll equip you with the skills you need to get started, succeed and stand out in a crowded market. 

Are you ready to turn your career into one where passion meets purpose, and profitability?

Let me show you the way‚ú®

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If you're not sure where to start...

The first step to building a beauty business BEYOND the chair is to clearly understanding what makes you unique. Your "special sauce" as I like to call it. This totally FREE and totally helpful download will help you get started in the right direction! Just click the image to get your download now!